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What’s Your Rise Above?

Rising from the ashes of it’s past, the Phoenix Bird represents strength, grit, and the process of being reborn again.

We await the awakening of your new identity from the chains of your olden self. You will win; no longer will you be a victim of your past, but an overcomer, a warrior, a phoenix is your own right. The enemy wants you to fall into its grasp of never-ending shortcomings and stay focused on your defeat; it wants you to keep looking back as doubt powers the grip it has on your life. Become the majestic bird that’ll break free, look forward, and arise.

At Mindset Transformations, we use the Phoenix in one of our logos to represent clients who experience a mind shift, or a resurrection and birth of a new light, to prevail forward. Walking boldly into their newness, leaving the old ways behind, and being born again from the ashes of who they were into the brightness of their full potential.

Whatever you are afraid of, write it down and intentionally do the opposite, start small, earn wins first. Doing so, with consistency, will inspire a behavioral change that’ll bring about the best in you. Your old self will try to fight against it, as the body doesn’t like change, however, you must treat like a toddler experiencing its terrible twos, as persistence, consistency, and the idea of being uncomfortable are the steppingstones to a better individual. Push yourself to do the opposite of whatever you are battling with until it becomes a part of the new you.

The tree in our logo represents life and our interconnectedness to everything and everyone. It is this process that healing flourishes. No longer taking this journey alone, our open wounds are collectively healing together.

The roots represent where we have come from, and with this understanding, we can obtain strength no matter the circumstances. The branches represent our potential, growth, and overall goal of continuing to reach upward and forward. The tree as a whole represents the fullness of who we are in recovery. Instead of looking back at the bitter past, see it as your foundation to your bright and fruitful future, as no beautiful structure is built upon clean land. You can now look back briefly and honor your past because it does not define you any longer. It has allowed you to rise like a phoenix because the old you has perished, and with that, your new identity will triumphs over your lang syne as a person that is strong, resilient, and has a burning with the presence of a thousand flames.

The Phoenix and the tree of life are powerful representations of healing, transformation, and rising above, just like you. There is no hiding, we see the truth you try to hide. Rise above.

By: Valerie Hammond

CEO/Owner of Mindset Transformations

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